Finance & Loans

Finance & Loans

At Chan & Naylor Melbourne, we provide a full suite of finance products and lending solutions. We cater for simple and complex requirements for individuals and business owners’, including:

  • Owner occupier home loans for first home buyers
  • Loans for property investors
  • Finance for Trusts and Investment Structures, including Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Business loans for Commercial Real Estate
  • Finance for Property Renovators & Developers
  • Re-financing for a better deal, lower interest rate loans or more flexible re-payments

Chan & Naylor Melbourne are a team of experienced and professional mortgage brokers – we do our due diligence soundly and come up with the best available finance strategies for your individual and business needs.

We regularly review client portfolios to identify opportunities for them to save and assist with renegotiating a better deal with their current lender or seek out a better loan from a different lender.

Do Yourself a Favour – Let’s Keep the Banks Honest!

As part of our service to you, Chan & Naylor Melbourne offers our valued clients a review of their finances & loans to ensure that you are paying the lowest rates possible and that you have the right structures in place to help legally minimise any taxation liability.

Many of our clients have found that undertaking this review, is a valuable tool to assist with their financial planning needs.

The world of finance is forever changing, especially now in the midst of COVID-19, and it’s for this reason why it’s important that you have someone in your corner that understands this thoroughly.

Our objective is to keep the money in your pocket rather than outlaying thousands to the banks unnecessarily. It is important to note that at the moment, most lenders have dramatically reduced interest rates for refinancing.

We are here to help if you’re looking to purchase, refinance, consolidate or just need someone to look over your current loans. Our Finance team typically assist our clients with:

  • Refinancing for a better deal – better rate, and more flexible re-payments. Some interest rates are at record lows
  • Saving on loan repayments – finance for individuals, Trusts, Investments, including SMSF
  • Secure loans for first home buyers, property investors, commercial real estate, with the banks competing to win your mortgage business.

 The advantage is that as your accountants, we will work together with our loan team to ensure that all your circumstances, including structures & investments, are fully understood. Talk to our specialist loan broker Lucy Ramuno on 03 9370 4800 or via email

Need a second opinion? Want a better loan? Talk to us today.


Our finance specialists carefully review a variety of potential lenders on your behalf and recommend the best low interest home loans available on the market.

Having the right finance in place and pre-approved by the lender before you go in to make offers on your future family home is important. It means that not only do you have a lender and product that you’ve had time to choose in a relaxed and considered way, but you’re ready to move quickly to secure that bargain you’ve found ahead of other potential buyers.

We write to over thirty lenders, bank and non-bank – great choice of products and rates for owner occupier loans.

Need Your First Home Loan?

Buying your first home is exciting and a little scary at the same time. Not only are you faced with the challenge of finding the right property to become your first home, but you also need to know you’re getting the right first home loan. Talk to us and we’ll guide you through every stage of the process and ensure you’re ‘set up to win’ right from the start.

Buying your next home?

Whether you are looking to up size for a growing family, or downsize for various reasons, we can work with your existing lender, or in some cases find a better one to finance your next purchase.

Investor Finance

Home loans for investment properties are vitally important financial tools that have the power to either help or hinder your investment growth.

Most investors spend a lot of time and effort finding the right property to add to an investment portfolio. They research the profitability and they know how much rental income they’ll receive. They understand the concept of capital growth and they know they need to speak to an accountant about the best possible depreciation schedules they can find and the right structure for a prospective purchase.

So why don’t investors go to the same amount of effort and depth when researching the right investment loan?

Talk to any of our Brokers about how to secure and structure the best finance for your investment purchase.


Restructuring your existing loan(s) is a great time to have a professional finance strategist review all your finance structures and make sure you are getting the best loan(s) for your needs.

We make sure that you get the most suitable loan product(s) for your current situation and in recommending new lenders we will ensure you are on the best rates and lowest fees possible for your situation.

You can often save thousands of dollars a year on changing the lenders you currently have PLUS restructure loans so properties are not cross collateralised and that you are accessing the available equity in your properties if you need it for your next wealth creation steps.

Through Chan & Naylor Melbourne you get access to hundreds of loans from 30 banks and lending institutions, and will be able to offer you a choice of mortgage refinancing options to ensure your loan refinance brings you maximum financial benefits.

Discover more about your mortgage refinancing options and how we can help you- click here to request your free 10 minute phone consult or call us to arrange a Broker to discuss your situation.

Renovation & Development Finance
Increase the value of your existing properties with a renovation or, find a property that has development possibilities. It’s a low capital growth climate and adding value to existing properties is a great way to build long term wealth and its great fun to create development projects.

Construction, refinance and development finance can be a little complicated and need careful pre-planning so you can complete the plans you have in mind successfully.

Be sure to check with us what finance options you do have available before you commit to purchasing a development site.

Financing Trusts & Complex Structures
Trusts and more complex structures for holding property and protecting assets are a key part of our area of expertise. Obtaining finance and setting up loan structures that get the tax result you and your accountant require needs to be done by professionals who have the experience and the lender contacts to get results. This is a complex area of financing, but rest assured that we can guide you through the process so you understand the structures you are setting up and how to maintain them once the loans have settled. We liaise directly with your Chan & Naylor Client Manager or accountant to ensure the structures get the tax result that you intend.
Leasing & Business Finance

Chan & Naylor Melbourne deals with many small to medium sized businesses and has an excellent range of finance options for businesses. If you are after inventory or debtor finance to help your business cash flow needs then give us a call.

If it is plant and equipment your business needs or office fit-outs then we can offer a range of chattel mortgages, leasing and hire purchase finance arrangements quickly and competitively. Low docs options are also available. Most of these finance options are also available to our individual borrowers, as are our smaller unsecured personal loans. We can make getting your next car loan easy.

SMSF Loans

We have pioneered the SMSF process being some of the first brokers to write significant volumes of these loans with lenders. The credit process is different to that of normal lending and with the Chan & Naylor Melbourne professional Wealth Planning team we can make the application process SIS compliant, easy and smooth.

We access many SMSF lending products and can team with you to help you create wealth through your Self Managed Super Fund investments.

Commercial Property Finance

Purchasing commercial property either personally or for your business requires a savvy finance professional who can present the property and your financials to a lender in the best possible light. Chan & Naylor Melbourne has developed strong relationships with the commercial divisions of major banks and a range of good second tier lenders. We can source the most competitive deal for you and take the application through to settlement with a minimum of fuss.

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